About Us! Why we created “DollBookWorld”!


Jane Austen’s World is now added to Dollbookworld.com … Joining “Pollyanna”.  Watch for more free patterns fitting most 14″ or 18″ dolls.

WATCH for my intro to Jane Austen book…suitable to introduce the very young to Jane Austen…and her wonderful books!

Regency Dress Pattern  fits some 14" dolls,

Regency Dress Pattern fits some 14″ dolls,

Who IS Pollyanna? And how will this 11 year old orphan change her new town...forever???

POLLYANNA by Eleanor H. Porter

More classic girls’ books added…later!!!

    • Watch for tips on making/buying artifacts, accessories  (later on links to some sellers of quality doll furniture, artifacts)
    • History/technology and “how a girl lived” info for each book’s main character.
    • Interesting info about the classic book…and links to free (or for purchase) lesson plans
    • All Family friendly info (with cautions given if some cited materials might have content some families might object to…)

I’ll be refining this and all pages…till it’s the best resource I can give you! My daughter Margaret will help me some…She’s better at computer stuff than I am!

*     *     *

Vanessa Knutsen


One thought on “About Us! Why we created “DollBookWorld”!

  1. Hoping to get the basics (free patterns, etc.) for Pollyanna’s DollBookWorld online here in a week or less…Start building a DollBookWorld NOW…for Christmas. You have TIME to buy the doll/get the book/sew the clothes/build the furniture cheaply…as you can watch for sales…use coupons, etc. Links to sites where people sell some of the historical things will also be provided.

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