Cutting out 18″ Girl Doll Apron with Maggie

Grandma Peggy and Maggie picked out a pretty pink-red gingham cloth. “It will make a pretty apron. And gingham washes easily! And probably this gingham won’t need ironing!”

“What’s ironing, Grandma Peggy?” asked Maggie. (Her parents always put wrinkled shirts or dresses back into the dryer till they looked nice.)

“Let’s go to my fun workroom” Grandma showed Maggie the iron and her pull-down ironing board.

“Can I iron?” asked Maggie.

“Yes, but ONLY if I am with you and give you permission.” Grandma said. She put the iron back but on a high shelf. She still had a small scar from an iron burn she got as a child. “Now let’s cut out the cloth and look at the pattern!”.

Doll 18 in apron prep

Grandma also selected a pink-red bias piece and some cotton lace. “This Butterick pattern is very nice. But I like to change patterns sometimes.

“I can’t wait to sew the apron. I want to show Mommy. Can we start now?” said Maggie

Next time—the finished Doll Apron…and review of the Butterick 18″ Doll Apron Pattern…